Kako ove jeseni kombinirati bijele farmerke

Bijele farmerke vratile su se u trend ove godine, a nosit ćemo ih i ove jeseni, ali čak i najhrabrije trendseterice ponekad ne znaju kako ih kombinirati. Kako učiniti ovaj mnogima omraženi komad privlačnim i modernim, s kojim bojama ih kombinirati i treba li ih nositi na tene ili visoke pete?

Odlučili smo potražiti kako naše omiljene trendseterice kombiniraju bijele traperice, a najbolje lookove vam otkrivamo u nastavku:

Shirt: 1257794 Jeans: @drdenim

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Linen, the story of a crease obsessives nightmare.

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I recently received a message that went something like this – ‘Ok I get you’re trying to do this whole minimal thing, but don’t you think you need to move on. This trend is over’. Of course I didn’t give this user the time of day and swiftly deleted the message, but for some reason it has stuck with me. Not because I was offended by this persons ‘advice’, but more the sheer stupidity of the message, and small minded attitude towards me, personal image and trends. More than anything the message disappointed me because it couldn’t have been more against what I stand for if it tried. I’m quite proud of my personal image, Im comfortable with the style I’ve created for myself and would never encourage anyone to change what they like because of trends. 🙅🏼‍♀️

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