Ovi muškarci će ove godine proslaviti 50. rođendan

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2019. će sigurno biti posebna godina za ove slavne frajere. Naime, ako ste gledali Beverly Hills 90210, onda se sigurno sjećate i Brandona, upravo je on jedan od frajera koji će proslaviti pola stoljeća života. Baš kao i Matthew Perry, kojeg svi pamte kao Chandlera iz ‘Prijatelja’.




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Can I have directions? [To where?] To your heart….

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#matthewperry 🙂

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Enjoy the first weekend of 2019! 😍😘🤗 #javierbardem

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I was cruising down the highway in my Lincoln the other day, just working out life’s mysteries, when I saw this tractor trailer next to me get to wobbling, man. The driver had lost control and I saw that the trailer was full up with dairy cows. I knew I had to take action y’all. Immediately, I took of my shirt to maximize mobility and whipped my belt out of my pants. I steered close to the truck and set the car to auto-pilot. I did a handstand on the seat and launched myself backwards out of the sunroof. So, I threw the one end of my belt and caught the buckle on the trailer—then tied the other end to the hitch on the back of my car. Then, I jumped off the roof of the Lincoln and landed between the trailer and the truck. I kicked all the fastenings loose with my boots and hollered at my car to get these cows to safety. The driver was able to get his shit together and straighten out the rig, so I called my car and had it tow the cows to the nearest Burger King. I bought that old boy a Whopper, hooked his truck back together for him, and sent him and the herd on their way. I ain’t no hero, man; but one person can make a difference in the world. #matthewmcconaughey #wisdom #mcconaughey #wordsofwisdom #truth #deepthoughts #changeisgood #photo #psychology #car #philosophy #fashion #deep #wow #lifequotes #lifeisbeautiful #wisewords #model #goodvibes #goodadvice #humor #lifechanging #adventure #freedom #living #inspiration #california #style #losangeles #la

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